Meet Jean, the force behind Epic Living With Jean – your ultimate life navigator and cheerleader.

As chief, everything officer, (CEO), she’s on a mission to infuse intention and purpose into the lives of all women.

Jean is more than a guide, she’s your Certified Dream Manager, turning “I wish” into “I did!”. Her motto has always been, “it’s all about the story”, because she believes that everyone has a story to tell. Throughout her journey, she’s met remarkable people, learned their stories, and now she’s creating a space where their stories can be shared.

Enter the #epicStories podcast where Jean conducts casual conversations with guest from all walks of life. She is on a mission to help her guests share their stories, and in the process inspire you to discover, tell, and even change your own story. 

Latest Episodes

It's All Part of the Journey: An Interview with Dave Rubinson

This is the next to last of my #epicRoadTrip interviews.  In this one I am talking to David Rubinson. Dave was the women's soccer coach at TCU for years and we talk li...

A Leap of Faith, an Interview with Leilani Filipanko

Have you ever jumped at an opportunity on a total whim? Even if it meant dropping everything, buying a plane ticket and heading across the country for a conference wit...

Raised with a Gypsy Soul

Tessy Lou is a singer/songwriter who was born in Montana to two musicians who instilled a wandering gypsy soul in her from a very early age.  We talk music, family, cr...

The Art of Creating Art: An Interview with Pam Fraizer

This is the first interview I did while on my #epicRoadTrip in 2021.  Pam Fraizer and I are talking about art, creating, and the music history of our hometown Richmond...

Social Support and Small Town Living

Life in a small town has its ups and downs, and my guest Mary Harrison has seen it all. A teacher, community pillar, volunteer and world traveler, she has an amazing s...

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